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My Why 

1.(of a sound) be repeated or reverberate after the original sound has ceased. 
My dad has always pushed me to do more than I believed I could. He has always tested the imaginary boundaries that I have placed on my abilities and he still continues to do that. And that is only one of the reasons that he is my hero. 

My father passed away from duodenal cancer two years ago. He found out he was sick in June and passed away in August, two short months later.  In an effort to keep him with me, I searched for ways to remember him: artwork, music, pictures and all kinds of other hobbies that remind me of him. In the process, I found something that is helping me pick up the broken pieces of my heart. 


I still remember the first words that I cut from his very unique penmanship. I remember how they felt so personal in my hands, like I was actually holding a piece of him with me. It was then that I decided that this was something that I wanted to do for others. 

I have felt so overwhelmed with the support I have received in doing something so new and vulnerable for me. I have loved being able to create such personal gifts for you. I have created gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, births,  funerals, and any other occasion you can think of.  It has been such a healing experience for me. One that has changed me for the better.  


I cannot tell you how many tears I have cried as I hear the stories that each piece represents. Stories of Love, Loss, and Connection.  Each time, I am filled with such gratitude knowing that I am not alone. I have been able to begin the healing process because of you. So... THANK YOU! Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to do something that I am so passionate about. I hope you'll enjoy your piece as much as I'll enjoy making it for you and that it might mean to you what mine does to me.